DAAD-AGGN is not connected to the "Association for Good Governance Network" or the AGGN(Good Governance)Twitter account or any other source spreading hate speach in Nigeria.


The fellows of AGGN meet and work together on various occasions. They organise and participate at academic and political events that deal with aspects relating to governance. For example, AGGN fellows have the opportunity to organise their own good governance projects in Germany and Africa. These projects aim at multiplying the idea of good governance and range from academic projects to hands on activities. They may yield academic research and/or hands-on activities.

The backbone of the programme are several workshops per year to which especially the junior fellows of the network are invited. The workshops, which are organised by the Arnold-Bergstraessser-Institute Freiburg, cover different governance aspects in the fields of politics, administration, international relations and societal issues.

In addition, Regional Chapter Meetings take place in Africa for those fellows who have already returned to the continent. These meetings are organised by the fellows of the respective Regional Chapter of the network, with support of the Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institute Freiburg.

Lastly, fellows get the opportunity to represent AGGN at political events or participate in scientific conferences.

An overview about the activities of the network in the past year is presented in the AGGN yearbook 2016.

  • Group work at a workshop on environmental governance in Freiburg/Germany
  • Skills training on media techniques
  • AGGN visiting the Goethe Institute in Johannesburg/South Africa
  • AGGN visiting the Transfair office in Cologne/Germany at a workshop on "Economy & Governance"
  • Panel discussion at a network meeting in Nairobi/Kenya
  • AGGN visiting the Deutsche Welle in Bonn/Germany
  • AGGN fellows at a historic city tour in Freiburg/Germany
  • AGGN fellows at a media skills training
  • AGGN visiting the Global Humanitarian Forum in Geneva/Switzerland
  • AGGN visiting the UN headquarter in Geneva/Switzerland