DAAD-AGGN is not connected to the "Association for Good Governance Network" or the AGGN(Good Governance)Twitter account or any other source spreading hate speach in Nigeria.

Organisational Structure

The fellows have formulated a constitution and elect an Executive Committee that takes responsibility for AGGN affairs.

The current chairperson is Dr. Jerome Kpan (2019). Former chairpersons are Dr. Jane-Ayeko Kümmeth (2018),  Dr. Serawit Debele Bekele (2017) Rebecca Gachago (2014/15), Dr. Joy Alemazung (2012/13), Dr. Erick Tambo (2010/11) and Dr. Kocra Assoua (2009/10).

The senior fellows are organised in five regional chapters (West-, Central-, East- and Southern Africa, as well as Germany) which are in charge of AGGN activites and networking efforts in on the regional level. In addition to the regular junior workshops, the chapters meet in regional chapter meetings.