DAAD-AGGN is not connected to the "Association for Good Governance Network" or the AGGN(Good Governance)Twitter account or any other source spreading hate speach in Nigeria.

What AGGN Offers

The AGGN program comprises of a set of different program components, which comply with the various needs of the fellows. The visualization below depicts the different components and elements of the program.

Once selected, AGGN fellows are offered several workshops a year on various aspects of “Good Governance”. The aim of these workshops is to enhance the awareness and theoretical understanding of salient governance issues, thus strengthening the social attitude and preparing future decision makers to assume their responsibility towards society. These workshops, that bring together a broad range of academic, political and societal representatives, provide a valuable foundation for future networking with German and African organisations in the field of Good Governance. Another more practical element of the workshops is the regular skills training. Junior fellows are provided possibilities to enhance their soft skills in areas relevant to their professional career and their activities within the Network, such as Public Relations, decision-making, and presentation techniques. (>> component "junior workshops")

AGGN fellows returned to Africa have the opportunity to organize AGGN meetings in their region. As senior fellows, they also occasionally join junior workshops in Germany as resource persons.

In addition to the workshops, the DAAD supports all fellows in different Good Governance related activities, such as conference participations or realizing governance project ideas. (>> component "fellows' projects")

A set of communication tools inform all fellows about recent network developments, individual accomplishments, and joint activities.

Through ties that develop between AGGN fellows, the group can rely on each others' support and expertise, e.g. in professional/scientific interaction, cooperation in good governance activities or also in interchange on personal experiences.