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Senior fellow workshop, "Institutions for Sustainable Governance"

Accra, Ghana, 26-29 September 2018

On 26th-29th September 2018, a senior fellow workshop was held in Accra, Ghana.

The workshop was held together with the opening conference of MIASA, the Maria Sybilla Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa. MIASA is an institute of advanced studies dedicated to topics of ‘Sustainable Governance’. At the opening conference, many prominent academics, diplomats and politicians were present, among them the German ambassador to Ghana and the Ghanaian minister of science and technology. The well-known feminist and scholar Amina Mama (University California, Berkeley) gave a keynote speech on the interplay of colonialism and patriarchy in Africa.

Afterwards, a panel was held on the challenges for democracy in Africa and a panel on the role of science for the development of the African continent - topics pertinent to the mission and programme of AGGN. The second day, Friday, 28th September, similary had a rich and intriguing academic programme with panels on scientific development cooperation, peace and conflict and environmental topics. On the last day, the AGGN fellows had the entire day to discuss AGGN internal issues, among them the future of AGGN and possible linkages between MIASA and AGGN fellows.

  • AGGN Senior fellows at the MIASA opening conference