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AGGN at the Kirchentag

AGGN members present AGGN at the Kirchentag in Berlin

The motto for the Kirchentag was “Du siehst mich (1 Mose 16:13)”, you see me. We as the African Good Governance Network see the needs of Africa. Africa needs better health systems, good transport systems, governance systems which should be people-centered, Africa needs partners who are concerned about its development and not just to drain its resources, Africa needs better socio-economic policies that can improve food and nutritional security and eradicate poverty, Africa needs to produce more and import less. Africa needs to come together as a continent, group of nations, as one community and a family where men and women can contribute to its growth, “Africa needs us”. 

During the Kirchentag we met with organisations and institutions that we can work together to make Africa prosperous again. Africa as a continent is already great, with strong institutions and structures in place, but lacking in proper management and implementation of the laws that govern it. We see a need to rework our governance systems at all levels and this can be done if each and every one of us do our fair share, seek help when it is needed and push forward for a sustainable Africa and the world at large. A food for thought for all Africans in this network and out of it is “African needs you, what are you doing to fill this need?”

  • AGGN members at the Kirchentag
  • The AGGN stand at the Kirchentag