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Constitution Devolution and Diaspora: Kenya Beyond 2013


September 5, 2015
Hamburg/ Germany


The upcoming workshop aims at enhacing the understanding of the new Kenyan constitution and its implementation afer the election in 2013, the role of diaspora and how the devolved system of governance functions. It is directed towards Kenyans living in Germany as well as friends of Kenya. There are about 150 participants expected to attend the workshop; registration is still possible via contact of AGGN senior fellow Yvonne Atieno (atieno at gmx dot de).

There will be panels on

  • "Constitutions": keynote by Dr. Joy Alemazung and moderated by Dr. Jude Kagoro, both AGGN senior fellows);
  • "Devolution": keynote by Willis Okumu and moderated by Eric Otieno, both AGGN junior fellows.

Furthermore, the Embassy will be respresented and will talk about the new diaspora unit.

Click here to view the full program.

The event is organised by AGGN in collaboration with by RETO PAMOJA e.V., an association of Kenyans living in Hamburg, and All Nations Church Hamburg.


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