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Enabling Youths and Women for Civic Engagement

November 9-10, 2011
Lagos/ Nigeria

in collaboration with Certified Institute of Development Studies (CIDS)


The workshop offered a platform for discussion about Nigerian democratic and electoral practices for sustainable development. Civic education is one of the first steps towards democratisation and legitimate governance. Therefore, the project created an atmosphere of deliberation through a roundtable forum for discussions on the roles of youths and women in democratic governance. The target audience consisted of youth leaders and community leaders, women in leadership positions, key personnel from the civil sector as well as key personnel in local government administration. The program highlighted various means of empowering youths and women for active civic engagement and leadership roles and fostered networking among key players for community mobilization, gender empowerment and democratic governance. 26 participants attended the workshop.


For more information, please contact the workshop organiser, AGGN fellow Dr. Presley Ifukor (pifukor at yahoo dot com).