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Environmental Challenges and Opportunities of investments in Zambia

November 16, 2012

in collaboration with CLEAN Zambia
and Zambia Environmental Management Agency


The workshop created a platform for students to discuss environmental and climate change challenges vis-à-vis land based investments such as mining. As Zambia is richly endowed with natural resources and is known as a politically stable and secure country, it attracts foreign companies to invest in many sectors of the Zambian economy. Inviting students pursuing studies that are relevant to environmental management and governance in Zambia, the workshop targeted prospective future leaders. First, participants discussed thematic areas about good governance with regards to environmental management. This was followed by plenary sessions with specialized practitioners who gave different key notes on various critical issues about good environmental governance in relation to investments in Zambia. This gave the participants the a chance to access information, made them aware of their rights to a free pollution environment and the legal provisions available for them.