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Senior fellow workshop, "Security, Democracy and Governance in West Africa"

Abuja/Nigeria, 24 November 2017

What are the drivers of West-Arican sub-region’s ongoing security and governance challenges? Why has it remained difficult to achieve sub-regional stability and security? And how can security be created which does not threaten democracy? These were some of the guiding questions of the Workshop  „Security, Democracy and Governance in West Africa: Lessons, Challenges and Prospects“ that took place  on November 24th in Abuja. Fellows of the African Good Governance Network (AGGN) West African Regional Chapter, members of the AGGN Southern and Eastern African Chapter, as well as DAAD alumni from Nigeria came together to discuss issues related to sub-regional security and share their regional insights. The workshop included presentations delivered by Dr. Benson Olugbuo (Cleen Foundation) and Dr. Chris Kwaja (MAUTECH Yola), including further input provided by the ECOWAS Commission. The workshop was followed by an internal meeting of the AGGN West Africa Regional Chapter.

  • AGGN and DAAD alumni in Abuja