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Africa in the World Economy

Junior workshop in Hamburg, July 5 - 8, 2015

At the workshop "Africa in the World Economy" in Germany's trade hub of Hamburg, around 20 network fellows discussed different aspects of Africa's economic development with a special focus on trade. Keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Robert Kappel (German Institute of Global and Area Studies - GIGA) opened the platform with a critical presentation on "how to sustain growth and foster structural change" in African economies. The following program included a visit to the GIGA Institute of African Affairs as well as to the Afrika Verein der deutsche Wirtschaft which are both based in Hamburg. Another presentation on "Trade policy challenges for African countries" was given by Dr. Evita Schmieg from swp. Also, AGGN fellow Tefera Endamalaw contributed to the thematic part of the workshop by presenting on the Ethiopian bamboo economy. The program was rounded out by a harbour tour on trade and a skills training on negotiation.


  • Keynote speaker Prof. Robert Kappel
  • "Grande Lagos" at Hamburg harbour boat trip
  • Fellows at group work