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Environmental Governance

Junior workshop in Freiburg, July 23 - 26, 2016

"Environmental Governance" was the topic of a junior workshop in Freiburg in summer 2016. Around 18 fellows met at the "Studienhaus Wiesneck" at the outskirts of the city to discuss and learn more about the relationship between environmental challenges and governance.

The chosen topic is of growing importance for Africa and many AGGN fellows work/study in this field. The management of scarce natural resources, the challenge of the rapid urbanization processes and the consequences of climate change are just some of the problems that the African continent, among other world regions, faces. Underlying these immediate challenges is the question of creating a sustainable development model.

The fellows discussed the broad topic of environmental governance mainly with regard to sustainable city governance and the challenge of energy and climate change. As one of the "green capitals" of Germany, Freiburg served as a model town and offered many experts and practitioners on environmental governance, sustainable city planning and renewable energies.

The workshop also included a soft skills training on scenario planning.


  • Professor for Environmental Governance giving a presentation
  • fellows at group work
  • AGGN fellows chatting