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Governance & Higher Education

Junior workshop in Bonn, March 17 - 23, 2013

The Governance of Higher Education workshop touched a field highly relevant to the network members. About half of the network fellows remain in the field of higher education after finishing their studies. German-African cooperation in the field of Higher Education was another focus of discussion, covered by presentations by the GIZ (Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit) and BMBF (Bundesmninisterium für Bildung und Forschung) representatives on their respective engagement. The workshop also included visits to several DAAD Programs (DIES and INEMA) as well as a skills training on "Moderation and activating methods in university teaching".


Excerpt of the program:

Prof. Barbara Kehm (INCHER Kassel):
"Governance & Higher Education"

Sarah Ooro (Higher Education Commission Kenya):
"Higher Education Governance in Kenya"


  • Getting to know each other better at thematic "speed dating"
  • Debating connections of Higher Education and Governance
  • Conceptualizing Good Governance
  • Visiting DAAD Headquarter | Bonn