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Human Rights

17 - 20 November 2016 in Berlin

19 AGGN fellows met to discuss the topic of "Human Rights" in Germany capital Berlin in November 2016.

Human rights are a central parameter of Good Governance. They are generally seen as essential for sustainable human development, poverty reduction and the elimination of inequality. On the other hand, their universality is often debated. At the "Human Rights" working in Berlin, 19 fellows discussed about the concepts of human rights and their universality claim from a legal and political perspective.

The workshop program included theoretical inputs and reflection rounds, discussions with practitioners from institutions such as Amnesty International and a meeting with a German MP.


  • AGGN fellows intergenerational discussion
  • AGGN fellows in front of the Berlin's Brandenburger Tor
  • AGGN fellows visiting the exhibition "Topographie des Terrors"