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Intra-state conflict

1 - 5 April 2017 in Bonn

What drives intra-state conflict? Are religious conflicts more brutal than non-religious ones? And how can peacebuilding work? These are only some of the questions that were discussed at the AGGN junior workshop on intra-state conflicts which took place in Bonn from the 1st to the 5th April.

The first two days were reserved for the 20 new fellows which were accepted to AGGN in 2017. The members had the possibility to get to know each other and the network, whilst also discussing the basic concepts related to good governance.

The thematic part of the workshop included two days of fruitful and engaged learning on intra-state conflict. For this part, a broad variety of academics and practitioners shared their thoughts and experiences. Prof. Dr. Mehler opened this part of the workshop with an introductory presentation on African conflicts. Further presentations addressed, among others, the relation between religion and conflict, the causes of state fragility and security sector reform. On the last day, the fellows participated in a skills workshop on conflict management, where they practiced to strategically approach both personal and political conflicts.

  • AGGN fellows discussing the components of Good Governance
  • The new fellows visiting the former Bundestag in Bonn
  • Skills-training on conflict management