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Junior workshop "Gender"

Freiburg 6 - 9 September 2017

Gender and diversity are passionately debated topics in the field of societal change. The importance of women in society and their role in the development process is almost undisputed; yet, women still face structural discrimination in Germany as well as in Africa. Homosexuals and other sexual minorities similarly struggle with various forms of discriminations. In this year’s third junior fellow workshop, the AGGN fellows intensely debated the questions regarding gender- and sex-based discrimination as well as its implications and possible solutions.

The theoretical and practical discussions were enhanced with insights from practitioners. The fellows visited the gender mainstreaming offices of the City of Freiburg and the University of Freiburg. A presentation by Dr. Angela Langenkamp from the GIZ illuminated how gender is incorporated into German and international development cooperation. The workshop concluded with a gender training in which the fellows reflected their personal views on gender.

  • The participating AGGN fellows
  • AGGN fellows in discussion
  • AGGN fellows in a role play